“It’s an English teacher’s dream.”

Dr. Leila Christenbury

Past President of National Council of Teachers of English




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Shakespeare in Costume designs and constructs costumes for teaching and performing Shakespeare and the classics.  The eye-catching costumes are vivid clues to character role and play ambience and are built for long-term use both in schools and on the stage.  We emphasize one item per character to encourage teaching through performance in the classroom.  If more complete staging is needed, we  offer full dress idea lists to complement our costumes.  Each play features its own look and colors, with color, in particular, employed to highlight roles and groups so that characters can be easily identified and remembered.  Our costumes are one size fits all.  Cleaning instructions are on the website.


From a flatcap for Romeo to a donkey head for Bottom, costumes are visual reminders to students that they have stepped out of themselves and into their roles.  One item alone can serve to quickly define a character, captivate a class, and bring a play to life.  Purchased by both teachers (we recommend applying for small, local educational grants) and departments, our costumes perform in monologues, classroom teaching, and stage work.  For ideas on teaching with costumes, we recommend our article Costumes in the Classroom reprinted from The Shakespeare Newsletter.  For a play adaptation with costumes and classroom instructions, please see our A Midsummer Night’s Dream Play for SchoolsWe are an exhibitor at the annual convention of the National Council of Teachers of English.        


Orders are welcome by phone or mail.  We accept personal checks, VISA, MasterCard, and school purchase orders.  For your convenience, there is a printable order form on the website.  Please note that payment information is only taken over the phone or through the mail.  Fabric swatches are available at no charge.  Shipping is US Priority Mail (2 to 3 days) unless other arrangements are made. 


“I saw Susan’s work, and I went insane.  I don’t know of a soul who

does anything like this.  The glory of it is she makes the part represent the whole -

it’s just a little thing that you purchase and use, but it’s enough.

It’s like (with) any actor, it gives you an entre.” 

Dr. Leila Christenbury

Professor - School of Education

Virginia Commonwealth University

Past President of National Council of Teachers of English

“When observing my classroom, it is evident that the Midsummer costumes

I previously ordered add considerably to the enjoyment of reading the play.”


(five years later)

“My new students are enjoying the costumes just as much. 

We’re reading  Midsummer Night’s Dream now, and at the start of every class they ask, 

‘Do we get to put on the costumes today?’  Putting on the costumes is synonymous with reading

the play, so I am delighted to have found a way to make Shakespeare fun.” 

English Teacher

Webster Transitional School

Cedarburg, Wisconsin

“We’ve used the costumes for the past two days.  Everything is so well made!

I am so delighted.  So are my students.  I am planning to order more, so every student

can sit in the class in costume!  It was an investment worth every penny I paid.”


(four years later)

“”We are just starting Hamlet, and I’ve been thinking about you. 

I’ve been using the hats and cowls for four years now, and I still feel the same way. 

They are attractive, sturdy and fun!”

English Teacher

Whiteland Community High School

Whiteland, Indiana

“We are very happy with the order we made. 

In fact, we decided we need another set of the same thing.”

First Act Productions (Shakespeare Workshops)

London, United Kingdom